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RES: [NABOKV-L] EDITORIAL: Nabokovian Short Story Book Club?
C.Kunin: Reminds me - was listening to the radio in the car and KPPC's "Book
Worm" - really Michael Silverblat - had a guest who had written a collection
of short stories, one of them a response to "Signs and Symbols." Not my
cuppa, so it went right out of my mind, but thanks to the web, here it is:
Lorrie Moore: Bark

J.Mello: Three other short-stories receive a new dressing here:

-theatre-review/> A Dashing Fellow at the New Diorama | Theatre review

Sunday 27th April 2014

A Dashing Fellow is an adaption of three separate Vladimir Nabokov short
stories: A Matter of Chance, A Nursery Tale and A Dashing Fellow, brought
together to tell a tale of journeys, exile and longing. Set in Berlin, where
Nabokov himself was living in exile during the Russian Revolution, the lives
of three individuals - Erwin, a man who is so crippled by his shyness that
he is set apart from society, Konstantin, a scheming Russian adulterer of a
travelling sales man, and Alexey, a narcotised Russian exile who longs for
his wife Lena - perfectly encapsulate the themes and emotions that are
constant throughout Nabokov's novels.

Combining three short stories, taking Nabokov's own texts, adapting new
script and adding music cannot have been an easy feat, but it is done here
to perfection. The sense of journey, movement and time are dispersed between
magnificent segments of Nabokovian wordplay and prose, which leaves the
audience enchanted. The added music is worrying at first, though it gives a
"mother Russia" feel to the play, which ties in nicely to Nabokov's own
theme of nostalgia and longing.

Zqmd6F9xz00ngw> A Dashing Fellow at the New Diorama

The Upcoming

A Dashing Fellow is an adaption of three separate Vladimir Nabokov short
stories: A Matter of Chance, A Nursery Tale and A Dashing Fellow

Nastassja Smart

A Dashing Fellow is at the New Diorama Theatre until 17th May 2014, for
further information or to book visit <http://newdiorama.com/> here.

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