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SIGHTING: Francine Prose on HH re: Maurice Chevalier's "Thank
Heaven for Little Girls"
Barrie Karp writes:


I believe you have to listen to the audio portion to hear what she says
about Humbert Humbert, and the "sleaze" (or other such word) of the lyrics,
reminding her of HH, and they play just enough of Chevalier's version to
include, I noticed, the line "*Those little eyes so helpless and appealing*"
-- which line, according to an Internet search, is not in the (vanilla)
Perry Como version - ah, the 50s in the US, what combinations. Were/are
little girls' eyes helpless? whose eyes?

Barrie Karp

Francine Prose On Edith Piaf, Beethoven And A Cross-Dressing French
Athlete-Turned-Spy Friday, May 02, 2014

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Author *Francine Prose*'s new novel is called *Lovers At The Chameleon
Club, Paris 1932* – and it's a jam-packed tale about good and evil, love
gone bad, racecars, Hitler, Picasso, photography, bad cops, crazy escapes
and one *very* troubled woman. Incredibly, the book is based on a true
story -- which Prose learned about after seeing a Henry Brassai photograph
called "Lesbian Couple at Le Monocle<http://www.clevelandart.org/art/1992.97>
The photo pictures a woman named Violette Morris -- a real-life French
athlete and racecar driver who eventually became a Nazi spy. Her story
loosely inspired Prose's main character in the novel, Lou Villars -- and
Prose's Pick Three playlist, which she shared with us on *Soundcheck*.

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Co-Editor, NABOKV-L

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