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Re: 9th ICCEES World Congress: Call for papers
Small correction from a little nation that does not like to be overlooked: ANZSA is not just “Australia" but Australia and New Zealand.

Do think about contributing: Japan is wonderfully hospitable and, as those who were at the Kyoto Nabokov conference know, a great place to have a conference and to meet the many talented and enthusiastic Japanese Nabokovians.

Small question for Mitsu: would papers on Nabokov have to focus on his Russian works, or would papers on his English works also be acceptable, given that Nabokov was Russian and it always shows in his work?

Brian Boyd

On 5/05/2014, at 4:58 am, Mitsu Numano <mitsu@SYMPHONY.PLALA.OR.JP<mailto:mitsu@SYMPHONY.PLALA.OR.JP>> wrote:

Dear Nabokovians,

The 9th ICCEES World Congress will be held in Makuhari, Japan, on August 3-8, 2015.

Nabokov-related topics are welcome. Please consider participating!

Panesl, papers, and roundtable proposals for this congress are being accepted at http://src-h.slav.hokudai.ac.jp/iccees2015/index.html The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2014.

The International Council for Central and East European Studies (ICCEES) is the global alliance of national associations of Slavic and Eurasian studies, composed of the ASEEES (United States), CAS (Canada), BASEES (Britain), DGO (Germany), FAREES (Finland), ANZSA (Australia), CAREECAS (China), JCREES (Japan), KASS (Korea), and MACEES (Mongolia), and other respectable organizations. The ICCEES was created in 1974 and holds a world congress once every five years. The next world congress will be held in Makuhari (30 minutes from the heart of Tokyo), Japan, on August 3-8, 2015. The official languages of the congress are English, Russian, French, and German.

To further promote encounters with diverse scholarly perspectives on the Slavic Eurasian region, the ICCEES decided to hold the next World Congress for the first time outside Europe and North America, in Japan, Makuhari. The Organizing Committee of this Congress is working hard to make Makuhari a place “where many Wests meet many Easts.” Makuhari is an ideal location for international events. It takes only 30 minutes by bus from both Narita and Haneda International Airports, and also just 30 minutes by train from downtown Tokyo (Tokyo Railway Station).

Send all queries to iccees2015@slav.hokudai.ac.jp<mailto:iccees2015@slav.hokudai.ac.jp> and network via https://facebook.com/iccees2015

Organizing Committee of the Ninth ICCEES World Congress
Co-Chairpersons: Professor Nobuo Shimotomai, Hosei University,
Professor Mitsuyoshi Numano, The University of Tokyo

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