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Re: SAD NEWS: N-L Contributor Stan Kelly-Bootle
This is so shocking and sad to hear. I knew SKB exclusively through this
list--as often happens, I had no idea what wonders his life and mind worked
beyond my one channel of contact with him. But he really has been one of
the most stimulating and generous contributors to the list. I am reminded
very much of the poignant paradox that informs so much of VN's own view of
mortality: how can it be that this frail mortal coil can contain such
multitudes, such an infinity of consciousness and imagination? Stan will be
greatly missed!
David Powelstock

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David Powelstock
Assoc. Prof. of Russian and Comparative Literature
Director, Master of Arts in Comparative Humanities
Brandeis University
Waltham, MA 02453

On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 10:26 PM, NABOKV-L, English

> Rod Kareem writes:
> I'm a longtime reader of the Nabokov listserv, but have never written. I
> just feel compelled to share my sadness at Stan's passing. It has
> literally stopped me in my tracks. I was just headed out the door and I saw
> the message on my phone. Now I'm sitting at my computer feeling unpleasant.
> I never met him but I have an email folder dedicated specifically to his
> fantastically erudite missives. I exchanged a couple emails with him
> expressing my appreciation, and, despite my being a stranger on a different
> continent, he responded with kindness and his patented panache.
> Joseph Aisenberg writes:
> It really is a shock. I exchanged a couple emails with him, he was funny
> and amazingly brilliant. I always made sure to read his contributions to
> the list.
> Victor Fet writes:
> It is very sad news.
> I was fortunate to have met Stan three times in London, for hours of
> intense, generous intellectual merriment.
> He was one of the brightest.
> We will miss Stan greatly.
> --
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