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RES: [NABOKV-L] [NABOKV -L] A certain kind of immortality...
Brian Boyd:". as Ward Swanson noted in the Nabokovian, 44 (2000), p. 14,
Nabokov and Shade were echoing Thomas Flatman (not among those "not in this
Index"), and hyper-aptly, his "On the Much Lamented Death of our late
Sovereign Lord King Charles II of Blessed Memory" (1685), ll. 21-25: "But
Princes (like the wondrous Enoch) should be free.Never submit to Fate, but
only disappear." Shade's "eh, Charles?" is a nice bonus for those who
stumble on the echo.

Jansy Mello: I was wondering about Shade/Kinbote's lack of originality when
coining this sentence* and lo.Brian offered the right context that turns it
into something uniquely Nabokovian (a hidden erudite reference, a humorous
nod to seekers-finders, a perfect fit disguised by a trite pronnouncement).
It made me wonder if this quote isn't a prefiguration of murder, or if Shade
(who might be familiar with T.Flatman) agreed with the old poet's conclusion
about "disappearances" after death?


* - JM: "For other examples found at this new site:
Kinbote'squip isn't very original at all."

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