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Mansfield Park in Time & Space
Jansy Mello writes:

*Carolyn Kunin:** “ The wonderful John Sutherland…in a lecture on Wuthering
Heights says that setting novels back 30 or 40 years from the date of
publication became a commonplace called "antedating" in mid-Victorian
literature…Mansfield Park of course is pre-Victorian so may have started a
trend. I hope to tackle the Cinderella question myself - have located the
book by folklorist Marian Roalfe Cox (1892). *

*Jansy Mello:* Great indication
<http://www.jimandellen.org/austen/mp.calendar.html> *] and comment.
Thanks Carolyn! V.Nabokov’s lectures are precious to me but, at least at
present, I’m not as overwhelmed by the application of his theories to Jane
Austen as I usually am (I can feel his effort to please Edmund Wilson by
accepting to include Austen in his literary pantheon.) I’m finding it very
difficult to dismiss “time-space” (and “gender issues”) from her novels.

I hope you’ll also give me hints about VN’s suggestion of a Ward/Cinderella

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
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