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Captain Grant's Horn in Ada
In my previous post I forgot to mention El sur ("The South," 1953), a story by J. L. Borges.

Take the fastest flying machine you can rent straight to El Paso, your Ada will be waiting for you there, waving like mad, and we'll continue, by the New World Express, in a suite I'll obtain, to the burning tip of Patagonia, Captain Grant's Horn, a Villa in Verna, my jewel, my agony. Send me an aerogram with one Russian word - the end of my name and wit. (2.1)

Darkbloom ('Notes to Ada'): Grant etc.: Jules Verne in Captain Grant's Children has 'agonie' (in a discovered message) turn out to be part of 'Patagonie'.

On Antiterra Jules Verne's novel is known as Captain Grant's Microgalaxies. A petite fille modele, Ada had read it at eleven, after Hamlet and a three-volume History of Prostitution (1.35).

Patagonie = pat + agonie (pat - Russ., stalemate)

Alexey Sklyarenko

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