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About the rest of Boyd's annotations not in AdaOnline

I've been reading Ada with delight, following AdaOnline's notes. It's been
very helpful because I only have the spanish edition, so I can check what
the original says when I mistrust the translation (although it's very good).
As far I understand, the rest of the notes (starting at chapter 37) are in
"Nabokov: Novels, 1969-1974", and the forenotes and afternotes are in The

In a couple of weeks a friend of mine will travel to the US and buy the
book (and "Ada: The Place of Consciousness" too), for me, so I'll have the
notes, but it's practically imposible for me to get all The Nabokovian
(money, shipping, my country's custom). Is there any other place or book
where I can find them? Or any other book I can buy to read something alike?
BTW, I'm no scholar, just a passionate reader.

And thanks for the list. It's level is too high for me, but I enjoy the
little I understand.

Thanks in advance,
-- Diego

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