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Lolita in Iran
Dear all,

Akram Pedramnia in Afghanistan has translated Lolita into Persian, the first full translation into that language, although apparently there was a previous, but self-censored, approximation about 40 years ago. Judging by the questions she asked, she was very scrupulous about nuances, implications and patterns, as well as about overt meanings.

I may as well let her speak for herself (she is pleased to have the book mentioned on Nabokv-L, which she has found useful in resolving translation cruxes).

Note the ingenious way a girl was shown on the cover so as to imply much but to avoid the risk of falling foul of "moral" watchdogs.

The photo of “driving Lolita in Tehran’ has interesting resonances!

Brava for her courage and care! And energy: she is thinking of translating other censored literature, with Ulysses next in line.

Brian Boyd

I just thought I'd enthusiastically mention that my Persian translation of Lolita has been published. It is currently in stores in Afghanistan and circulating underground in the black market in Iran.

I was recently interviewed by BBC Persian (I've provided a link in case you may be interested to view it) and Radio France to promote the book, and I'm elated that Persians now have an opportunity to read this masterpiece. I'm certain that if Nabokov were alive, he'd be pleased to know that his novel is fighting against literary censorship.

I just wanted to thank you again for your support and help in deciphering certain parts of this work. I made sure to include your powerful quote in the translator's introduction: "It is high time that Lolita was translated fully, frankly and faithfully into one of the world’s great literary languages."

Kind Regards,

BBC Persian: http://www.bbc.co.uk/persian/arts/2014/07/140705_l41_book_lolita_akramnia_afghanistan.shtml

I've also attached the book cover and a reader's photo of the novel in Tehran.

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