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To Vera
The Legend of Vera Nabokov: Why Writers Pine for a Do-It-All Spouse

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nabokov-why-writers-pine-for-a-do-it-all-spouse/359747/3/* * *

But although some modern-day male writers may have variations on the classic
Vera, they hesitate in referring to them as such. Ben Greenman, author
ofSlippage and Mo Meta Blues, is reluctant to call his wife-Gail Ghezzi, an
artist and art director at OnEarth Magazine-his Vera, even though she reads
plenty of his work. While she does more housework, Greenman says he does at
least half of the childrearing, which makes for an "equal contract." ." I
Vera her at least a little bit," he says when speaking of her work at

Unlike in Vladimir's day, a woman who throws herself-or a man who throws
himself-at the feet of brilliance will expect to be paid for it.[ ] "I hope
"Marrying a Vera might not be possible," Weiner concludes. "Hiring one,
though-maybe that's the new, politically correct dream

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