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EDITORIAL: SES for SHB; also, "Rue Saigon" in ADA
Dear List,

I will be stepping in as co-editor for Stephen Blackwell during the next
several days, so please make sure to send me, at nabokv-l@holycross.edu (if
not both of us), any messages that concern the NABOKV-L but are not
intended for submission to the list.

:) SES

P.S. Re: Alexey's recent posting, which comments on a reference to "Rue
Saigon," among other things, in *Ada*, note that Nabokov lived at 8 Rue
Saigon in Paris in 1938, where he wrote *The Real Life of Sebastian Knight*
(*Strong Opinions*, p. 89).

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Co-Editor, NABOKV-L

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