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Re: Brazilian translation of "Lectures on Russian Literature"
I continue to wonder if Nabokov's lecture notes still exist, for books
other than the ones published in *Lectures on Literature*, *Lectures on
Literature*, and *Lectures on Don Quixote*? Together those three books
contain about 15 lectures, but in one interview (reprinted in *Strong
Opinions*) VN said he wrote 200 lectures:

"In 1940, before launching on my academic career in America, I fortunately
took the trouble of writing one hundred lectures--about 2,000 pages--on
Russian literature, and later another hundred lectures on great novelists
from Jane Austen to James Joyce. This kept me happy at Wellesley and
Cornell for twenty academic years."

Either 1) VN wildly exaggerated the number of lectures he wrote, by
misremembering or fibbing (both seem to me unlikely); or 2) the lectures
were lost or destroyed (in which case I'd be curious to know what
percentage of his work is believed lost)

Does anyone on the list know if VN's surviving papers make mention of these
lectures or how many there were? I'd love to read the remaining 185 or so
lectures he wrote, or at least to
know what the books were, since he seems to have lectured primarily on what
he considered masterpieces or near-masterpieces.

Many thanks for any help,

Brian Tomba

2014-08-22 13:40 GMT-04:00 Jansy Mello <jansy.mello@outlook.com>:

> http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/ilustrada/2014/08/1497711-critica-nabokov-esquadrinha-obra-de-russos-em-livro-cativante.shtml
> Crítica: Nabokov esquadrinha obra de russos em livro cativante
> O autor de um dos mais relevantes romances do século 20 foi também um
> agudo divulgador e estudioso da cultura de seu país.
> O livro "Lições de Literatura Russa", da Três Estrelas, selo editorial do
> Grupo Folha, sintetiza parte das atividades letivas do escritor Vladimir
> Nabokov (1899-1977) nos Estados Unidos, antes da consagração de "Lolita"[
> ].Irônico, polêmico e apaixonado pela literatura, o autor de "Lolita" é
> tão incapaz de ser humilde e imparcial quanto de ser superficial ou
> desinteressante. Entre achados iluminadores e diatribes certeiras, sua
> leitura é um prazer --mesmo quando se discorda dele."
> *AUTOR* Vladimir Nabokov
> *TRADUÇÃO* Jorio Dauster
> *EDITORA* Três Estrelas
> *QUANTO* R$ 65 (400 págs.)
> *AVALIAÇÃO* ótimo
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