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{Translation] Plexed Artistry, folds and pleats (continuation)

Perplexed with the implications (note the three words) implicitly associated
to VN', simple reference to "plex," I remembered a TED talk about "Origami"

[ <https://www.ted.com/talks/robert_lang_folds_way_new_origami>
https://www.ted.com/talks/robert_lang_folds_way_new_origami ] and I watched
it again to consider its applicability (the blessed folds again!) to VN's
coinage. However, the elements shared by the origami folding and VN's
intention lies only in the basic matter for the folding (a sheet of paper)
and in the formula employed for its transformation into sculptured items and
utilitarian objects. Inspite of the shared texture, Shade's and Van Veens
"texture of Time" is distinct in its borrowings from Bergson's "duration".
The origami figures are isolated in space, their external interconnections
tumbling in a fluid medium are lost, their "hyphens" are missing...

Ideas? Zimmer's choice (Plexus) is the one which comes closer to VN's
intention but it's still incomplete because it seems to refer to a closed
system and it lack time's fluidity. Perhaps "plexed" cannot be rendered
except by neologizing it ( in Portuguese: "arte plexionada" )

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