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Re: SIGHTING: The Gift cyclists photo exhibit in UCLA
The passage reads in English: "And Father loved to recall how once at such a sunset, in 1893, in the dead heart of the Gobi desert he had met with—taking them at first for phantoms projected by the prismatic rays—two cyclists in Chinese sandals and round felt hats, who turned out to be the Americans Sachtleben and Allen, riding all across Asia to Peking for fun” (Gift, Putnam 1963, 132; Vintage ed 120).

Dieter E. Zimmer in his splendid Nabokov reist Im Traum in das Innere Asiens (Rheinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt, 2006) has a 9-page excerpt from Thomas Allen and William Schachtleben, Acorss Asia on a Bicycle (New York: Century, 19804), with a photo and an illustration.

Victor should let Herlihy know about the Nabokovian connection—or if he doesn’t, I’d be happy to.

Brian Boyd

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EDNote: Victor Fet's discovery relates to a passage from The Gift in which Fyodor reports that his father enjoyed describing his encounter with the cyclists featured in the exhibit below, Allen and Sachtleben. I don't have access to the English at the moment. -SB

И отец любил рассказывать, как однажды на таком закате, в 1893 году, в мертвом сердце Гобийской пустыни он повстречал,
-- сначала приняв их за призраки, занесенные игрою лучей, -- двух велосипедистов в китайских сандалиях и круглых фетрах, американцев
Сахтлебена и Аллена, невозмутимо совершавших спортивную поездку через всю Азию в Пекин.

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An Allen & Sachteben photo exhibition will be opening in December at the Fowler Museum at UCLA:

Round Trip: Bicycling Asia Minor, 1891 features sixty circular black-and-white photographs taken by the cyclists and reproduced from recently scanned negatives held by the UCLA Library Special Collections. The images track a year on the road between Athens, Greece and Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The accompanying captions are based on Sachtleben’s meticulous notes, written on the envelopes that contained each original negative. The exhibition will possibly travel across the country.

This exhibition is organized by the Fowler Museum at UCLA in partnership with UCLA Library Special Collections and guest-curated by David V. Herlihy, historian and author of Bicycle: The History and Lost Cyclist: The Epic Tale of an American Adventurer and His Mysterious Disappearance.

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