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Re: SIGHTING: The Gift cyclists photo exhibit in UCLA
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Brian and everybody:

Thank you! David Herlihy knows the Nabokovian story well - he contacted
me after he read my note "An additional source for a Central Asian
episode in The Gift.” (The Nabokovian, 2007, 57) [expanded Russian
version: Poberezhye, Philadelphia, 2007, 16], and even sent me a full
original Niva article about Allen & Sachtleben by Ivan Korostovets (a
source for The Gift paragraph) - I have an electronic copy if anybody
wants it. We tried (so far in vain) to find Allen & Sachtleben
documentation in old Russian archives.

Herlihy, a prominent bicycle writer, also was my coauthor on "A Humber
source of Humbert: more on Nabokov’s bicycles” (The Nabokovian, 2011, 66)

Victor Fet

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