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Continuation to [ ]” A matter of interest has arisen, though and I may
explore it some other time. Brian Boyd always links La Tourbiere/turf
(Blanche) to Veen/swamp.

In the interview I discovered that in St.Petersburg the vegetation also
includes bushes with this name. It would alter the uniform readings of
swamps in ADA should there be a green lushious vegetable in St.Petersburg
that was important enough for VN to refer to it when “chatting” with Pivot…
More news about that…later!” <>

Jansy Mello: No escape from marshes, swamps, peat bogs… What struck me was
V.Nabokov’s description of “splendid tourbières” after naming three kinds of
trees (aspen, fir, birch) and then passing on to flowers and more or less
arctic butterflies in a landscape he compares to the one he found in the
American northwest. However, for the first time, while searching for peat
bogs in the internet, I found images that showed that they could actually be
really beautiful, with dense surrounding vegetation and as “splendid” as he
suggested were those in St. Petersburg. Peat bogs can be magic with loads of
sphagnum moss, evergreen shrubs, spruces…
<> Mer Bleue Bog, a
typical peat bog, in <> Ontario

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