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[SIGHTING] Reference in "Istoé" magazine, related to Emoticons
“A new social network which allows only ‘emojis’ reaffirms the importance of
these symbols that add emotion to writing” (Istoé, Sept.2014, 2338)
“Journalists and writers, like Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977), author of
“Lolita”, have for years suggested that the inclusion of a graphic sign to
express feelings was necessary. In an interview with the newspaper “The new
York Times” in 1969, Nabokov said: “I always think that a special
typographic sign for the smile shoud exist - some kind of concave mark, a
supine round bracket.” His vision gained life in 1982, when Prof. Scott
Fahlman * perceived that the jokes that were exchanged in an online
discussion group at the Carnegie Mellors university, in the US, often were
not correctly understood and he then suggested that messages containing
sarcasm should be followed by a face ; - ( Soon variations arose and
gained the world. Several years later, at the end of the nineties, the
Japanese Shigetaka Kurita drew bettered versions of the rudimentary smileys
made out of punctuation signs, as a brand to use on cell phones…”

Though credited with originating the smiley emoticons, he was not the first
emoticon user; a similar marker appeared in an article of Reader's Digest in
May 1967.[...]In an interview printed in the New York Times in 1969,
Vladimir Nabokov noted, "I often think there should exist a special
typographical sign for a smile — some sort of concave mark, a supine round
bracket."[...] Nabokov, Vladimir (1973), Strong Opinions, New York, pp.

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