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SIGHTING: VN's encounter with actor Ivan Mozzukhin
D. Barton Johnson writes:

In Chapter XII, section 4 of Speak, Memory, VN writes of his chance
encounter with the Russian film star, Ivan Mozzukhin, on a run-away horse
making a film being in the Crimea where VN spent the year before the
family’s departure into exile. This leads VN to memories of seeing the
actor while furtively nuzzling with his lost first love Tatyana as they
viewed Mozzukhin’s films in St. Petersburg.

Tonight (October 19th) I see that Turner Classic Movie channel is running
a 1924 Mozzuukhin film called “Kean” at 9PM. It will doubtless play at
later dates as well.

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Co-Editor, NABOKV-L

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