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VNBIB/ SIGHTINGS: Letters to Vera, VN's dreams
Brian Boyd forwards this link to Eric Naiman's review of Letters to Vera in
the Oct. 31 issue of TLS:


Brian adds some other information as well:

US publication is a year away, so that those outside England who want their
mitts on a copy sooner (it’s a lovely object) would be advised to check
Amazon UK or the Book Depository there. And you might note that the October
31 edition of the TLS, with the review, also has Gene Barbatarlo’s
publication of excerpts from Nabokov’s dream-diary of 1964, and a brilliant
and perhaps never before printed photo of V and V on the cover, so those
without subscriptions might want to look out for the issue in their

Happy reading!
:) SES

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Co-Editor, NABOKV-L

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