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THOUGHTS: VN and "a pane of stamps"
In his last post, Alexey Skylarenko calls for "a Nabokov-Sirin stamp!" In
the late 1980s, as vice-president and then president of the Vladimir
Nabokov Society, I lobbied for honoring VN on U.S. postage (through a
process that had recently begun to receive suggestions from citizens), but
without success. I think that Gene Barabtarlo later tried as well, in the
1990s, with the same result.

However, times, tastes, and politics change, as do the members of
committees appointed to review such applications. Perhaps it's worth
another try, this time with a write-in campaign or a petition. Although I
can see an entire series of stamps -- VN with butterfly, VN with chess
piece, VN with "Lolita" sunglasses, and so forth -- it might be more
prudent to suggest VN as part of a series honoring American writers from


Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Co-Editor, NABOKV-L

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