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Cat's eyes
In Vladimir Nabokov's "Lectures on Literature", on the chapter on Dickens
(Bowers,p.120), when he notes that Krook "comes slowly up, with his
green-eyed cat following at his heels" he adds: "All cats have green eyes -
but notice how green these eyes are owing to the lighted candle slowly
ascending the stairs." His own eyes were greenish (or hazel?), Lolita's were
"vair" (grey-green while Lucette's were a definite catty emerald green.

In RLSK we encounter a vanishing cat with "celadon" eyes ( a
bluish/green/grey colored porcelain), so it seems that VN admitted
variations in feline eye-coloring. Why then did VN assure his students that
"all cats have green eyes"?

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