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Nabokov-plus-Ardis anagram
shar + Ada = sharada
sharada + Nabokov + Ardis/Sidra + Man = karandash + svoboda + Marina/Armina/Mirana/Ariman

shar - sphere; sherical object; ball; zemnoy shar - the Earth, globe; vozdushnyi shar - balloon; strait (cf. "the ha-ha of a doubled ocean" separating America and Tartary, 1.3)
Ada - Ada Veen (1872-1967), Van's sister and life-long lover
sharada - charade
Ardis - the fabulous country estate of Daniel Veen (Van's art-collecting uncle); Gr., the point of an arrow (1.36)
Sidra - Gulf of Sidra, an inlet of the Mediterranean, on the N coast of Libya; Professor Ivan Veen is the author of Reflections in Sidra (3.7)
Man - Manhattan (the Antiterran name of New York)
karandash - pencil
svoboda - freedom
Marina - Marina Durmanov (Van's, Ada's and Lucette's mother, Aqua's twin sister)
Armina - Demon Veen's Mediterranean villa (according to Demon, Marina never realized it was an anagram of the sea, not of her, 1.27)
Mirana - in VN's Lolita (1.2), a luxurious hotel on the Riviera owned by Humbert Humbert's father
Ariman - Russian spelling of Ahriman (in Zoroastrianism, the evil spirit, incarnation of evil)

Alexey Sklyarenko

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