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Nabokov and the movies...
<> Nabokov and
the Movies, John Colapinto. Jan.2015

The axiom that great novels make bad movie adaptations has not been entirely
true for Vladimir Nabokov, whose books depend to a surprising degree on
plot-heavy narratives (not to say cravenly pulpy story lines) that lend
themselves well to the screen. Take "Lolita".

[.] the film version of "King, Queen, Knave"-directed by Jerzy Skolimowski
and starring David Niven and Gina Lollobrigida-was released in 1972. But
trying to force Nabokov's exquisitely controlled satire of bourgeois
materialism and conventionality into a slapstick would-be youth comedy was a
grave error. The movie is a sloppy, slapdash affair that badly squanders its
source material (and its actors), and it serves as a reminder of all that
could be bad about early-seventies movies. Everyone involved seems desperate
to appear young and with-it. You can see for yourself-the
<> entire movie has been uploaded
to YouTube.

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