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RES: [NABOKV-L] Vanda Broom & Ragusa in Ada
AS: 'It's a gruesome girl!' she [Cordula] cried after the melodious adieux.
'Her name is Vanda Broom, and I learned only recently what I never suspected
at school - she's a regular tribadka - poor Grace Erminin tells me Vanda
used to make constant passes at her and at - at another girl. There's her
picture here,' continued Cordula with a quick change of tone, producing a
daintily bound and prettily printed graduation album of Spring, 1887, which
Van had seen at Ardis, but in which he had not noticed the somber
beetle-browed unhappy face of that particular girl, and now it did not
matter any more, and Cordula quickly popped the book back into a drawer; but
he remembered very well that among the various more or less coy
contributions it contained a clever pastiche by Ada Veen mimicking Tolstoy's
paragraph rhythm and chapter closings [ ] The name Vanda Broom is secretly
present in Ada's poem. The old manor, in which Ada has parodied every
veranda and room, is Ardis [ ]According to Van, angels, too, have brooms:

JM: Brooms are associated to witches, too.

I remember the word "Viedma" ("Witch") in ADA: "A sense of otiose emptiness
was all Van derived from those contacts with Literature [.]As a boy of
fifteen (Eric Veen's age of florescence) he had studied with a poet's
passion the time-table of three great American transcontinental trains that
one day he would take - not alone (now alone). From Manhattan, via Mephisto,
El Paso, Meksikansk and the Panama Chunnel, the dark-red New World Express
reached Brazilia and Witch (or Viedma, founded by a Russian admiral). There
it split into two parts, the eastern one continuing to Grant's Horn, and the
western returning north through Valparaiso and Bogota." It's a rather
cryptic paragraph. Do you think there's anything in this list of places
related to Vanda Broom, rooms in Ardis, "tribadka"? Why Tolstoy?

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