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RES: [NABOKV-L] Ada and Finnegans Wake
Hello, Brian

When you noted that Ada "also includes riddles no one person will be able to
master, but so does life, and we can enjoy both," you were referring, in
particular, to the various kinds of fun obtained from reading and enjoying
Nabokov's works. It's curious that VN, when he spoke about good readers and
writers, didn't actually emphasize the importance of their sense of humor to
aid them in their progress through hardships, serendipities (of Gene
Barbatarlo's 'pnincidences' type*), aesthetic bliss . to their happy
embracing at the top of some Mt. Glitterntin with a view of the Gulf of
Surprise. Thank you for having brought this aspect up: the fun of reading

*GB in "A Visual Pnincidence" and "Aping the Ape" [The Nabokovian, 73,
2014] from where I selected this sentence:".it seems that any concentrated
Nabokov entrerprise, be it writing an essay about him, teaching a course, or
mapping his topography, brings up little curiosities: high-definition
coincidences, arrows chalked on housewalls, gentle strokes of luck." Humor,
bliss, rage, indignation and a sense of ongoing mystery since, as JS set
down (940): " Man's life as commentary to abstruse/ Unfinished poem."

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