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Submitted by dmitry_kirsanov on Sat, 02/01/2020 - 18:42

Our site uses a system of tags (a taxonomy) to categorize material. The valid tags are the titles of VN works as well as general topics such as "women" or "Nabokov friends". It's easy to get a list of pages marked by a certain tag.

Unfortunately someone editing the bibliography created a lot of wrong tags which are complete bibliographic entries. These tags are empty (i.e. no pages marked by them) and need to be deleted from the taxonomy to avoid messing it up. Please go to and clean it up, for example

"Nabokov and X," Articles and Books

is a valid tag and should remain, but

"Nabokov". L'Arc (Aix-en-Provence), 7 (24), Printemps 1964. Reprinted 1986 as no. 99 [Reviewed in Zembla by Jeff Edmunds.]

is an error and should be deleted from the tag list. If you want to do this but have no rights to access that page, let me know and I will upgrade you :)




Well, I have been editing the secondary sources for like 12 days now - so this is probably addressed to me. I thought that the tags had been duplicated (triplicated) and we had to remove them.

The more productive tags like the references to individual titles say Lolita, Pnin and others were being kept - but some of the entries had been wrongly marked with Nabokov and X. I have reached till Bezrodny, Mikhail on the list and plan to regularize the remaining entries (acc. to instructions) -- though it may take some time. As for "Nabokov". L'Arc (Aix-en-Provence), 7 (24), Printemps 1964. Reprinted 1986 as no. 99 [Reviewed in Zembla by Jeff Edmunds.] -- I don't understand how the tag is still there, since the last revision was this: L'Arc.

I would like to hear more on this.


Hi Shakeeb,

I really appreciate the work you're doing on the bibliography and on the site in general. Please don't be discouraged :)

I actually don't know if you or someone else accidentally created these wrong complete-entry tags, or they were in fact another artefact from the buggy conversion process I implemented. In fact now that I'm looking closer into it, the latter seems more likely, since these tags go all the way from A to Z whereas you only progressed to the letter B as far as I can see. So I was actually asking if someone knows where these tags come from, for example by realizing they had been erroneously pasting the entire reference into the Tag field or something. If no one claims ownership, I will have to look into a way to delete them in some automatic way (though doing anything automated on Drupal is a lot of pain).

Thanks again, and please keep up your work! De-triplicating of tags definitely needs to be done - again, apologies for me being unable to find a workaround for the conversion bug that caused them in the first place.

I guess my attempt to contact DK must have been missed its mark, but there are a few things that might require clarity. I'll get them soon. I had worked with C++ during my Graduation and a little bit on Wolfram. But it has been a while and I have forgotten a lot. At a later time, I would love work with Drupal -- at the very least, get to know the ins-and-out of the system.