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Citing this forum

By matthew_roth, 17 March, 2020


I'm wondering if anyone has guidance on how, going forward, we should be citing material from this list and the archives. In the past, our citations listed NABOKV-L as the container/publication. Now that all that material has been moved to thenabokovian.org, I'm not sure how to cite specific posts. If we had an official, standardized policy that we all could use, that would be helpful.


Matt Roth


4 years 3 months ago

Sorry, I just saw this post today - one of ways I know of could be the one adopted by Gerard de Vries and Donald B. Johnson, in their book Nabokov and the Art of Painting where in their bibliography, they listed a reference in this manner:

Sklyarenko, Alexey. 2003. NABOKV-L posting, December 8, 2003.


Now the whole URL address is simplified, with just a node in the address, instead of the lengthy characters.




4 years 2 months ago

If you're asking about referring to this forum's posts, then every comment in a forum thread has a "Permalink" which gives the permanent URL of this specific comment.

If you want to reference an old NABOKV-L posting, then each one also has a permanent unique URL, for example http://thenabokovian.org/node/35313