Brian Boyd awarded the Rutherford Medal by Royal Society Te Apārangi!

Submitted by dana_dragunoiu on Fri, 11/06/2020 - 12:46

Our very own Brian Boyd, doyen of Nabokov Studies, is the first humanist to win the Rutherford Medal by Royal Society Te Apārangi for his world-leading scholarship on literature. This distinction is based on Professor Boyd's contributions to the life and works of the great twentieth-century novelist Vladimir Nabokov and his innovative perspectives on connecting literature and the arts to evolutionary theory and exploring relations between the arts, humanities and sciences.

Heartfelt congratulations, dear Brian, from us all!

Rutherford Medal:
The Rutherford Medal is a prestigious award instituted by Royal Society Te Apārangi, at the request of the Government. Awarded annually, it recognises preeminent research, scholarship or innovation by a person or team in any field of engineering, humanities, mathematics, sciences, social science, or technology.

To Brian Boyd for world-leading research on literature, the arts and the humanities, especially on the great twentieth-century novelist Vladimir Nabokov, on literature, art, and evolutionary theory, and on relations between the arts, humanities, and sciences.