Congratulations to Zsuzsa Hetenyi!

Submitted by dana_dragunoiu on Sun, 11/15/2020 - 03:56

Dear Nabokovians:

Please join me in congratulating our Hungarian colleague, Professor Zsuzsa Hetenyi, for winning the prize for literary criticism awarded by the prestigious Association of Belletristes (Szépíró Prize). The association’s awards are given for the weight of literary activity in the last few years. Though such activity is defined mainly by published work, it also covers those works’ influence upon literary life. Professor Hetenyi is not only a translator of Nabokov into Hungarian, but also the author of approximately five hundred publications (among them is her 930-page monograph and many articles on Nabokov). 

I also take this opportunity to congratulate Professor Hetenyi on her election to the position of Vice-president of MEGY (the Hungarian Association of Literary Translators), again based on her translations of Nabokov (MaryGloryPnin, as well as short stories and essays).

The laudatory speech was announced by the eminent Hungarian writer György Spiró:

Professor Hetenyi's prize-accompanying lecture (on the subject of Nabokov) can be read below:

 About the prize:épíró-díj,_Junior_Szépíró-díj,_Kéri_Piroska-díj,_2020

About the Association:



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