Vladimir Nabokov

Ada Annotations 2-5 here and 2-3 on AdaOnline

By Brian_Boyd, 5 September, 2021

Dear Nabokovians,

The Annotations for Ada Pt 2 Ch 5 (Lucette's visit to Van at Kingston) are now available here on this website, the longest set of annotations yet to the most complex chapter so far. The notes have now reached almost 2/3 of the way through the novel.

And simultaneously the next instalment due for release on AdaOnline, Part 2 Chapter 3 (the Villas Venus) is now online here. With all its allusions to architecture, it is the most visually saturated chapter in the novel, so worth visiting in the AdaOnline version, where the images appear for the first time. 

My thanks, for reading the notes to Pt 2 Ch 5, to two excellent close readers of Ada and my annotations, Stephen Blackwell, as usual, and, for the first but I hope not the last time, Diana Makhaldiani. All errors of omission or commission are mine; if you see any, please send them to me at b.boyd@auckland.ac.nz.

Brian Boyd 



2 years 8 months ago

Upon first read the notes are: truly great, illuminating and enriching, incredibly impressive etc...