Vladimir Nabokov

Renewal of IVNS Memberships for 2022

By dana_dragunoiu, 10 March, 2022

We would like to remind all members to renew their IVNS membership by 1 May. The Board of Directors of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society has agreed that all IVNS membership renewals or new registrations received during the period 11 March – 1 May 2022, will be donated to the Ukraine Crisis Response by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), the charity which helped Nabokov and his family escape from France (https://www.hias.org/hias-responds-crisis-ukraine).

To renew your memberships, the link can be found below. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the button to pay:


The IVNS will also waive this year’s membership fees for any members directly affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Please contact Stanislav Shvabrin (shvabrin@email.unc.edu) and Stephen Blackwell (sblackwe@utk.edu) to request a waiver.