Vladimir Nabokov

IVNS Donation to HIAS

By dana_dragunoiu, 16 August, 2022

Christopher Link, Treasurer of IVNS, would like to report that the International Vladimir Nabokov Society has made a donation in the amount of 1207.78 USD to HIAS, the refugee rescue organization that sponsored Nabokov’s escape from Europe.  As announced in an earlier post, the IVNS decided at the start of the war in Ukraine to donate all member dues collected between March 11 and May 1 of this year to HIAS. The donation was made "in Honor of Vladimir Nabokov" and has been specifically earmarked by HIAS for their Ukraine crisis response. Given the ongoing war in Ukraine, the IVNS invites members of the Nabokov community to make their own additional contributions directly to HIAS.