Vladimir Nabokov

Down the Line with a Smile Shadowing Nabokov by Maurice Couturier

By dana_dragunoiu, 9 October, 2022

Maurice Couturier's literary memoir, Down the Line with a Smile Shadowing Nabokov, makes its debut! Professor Couturier is Honorary President of the French Nabokov Society and the author of countless publications on Nabokov, including the influential monographs Nabokov ou la tyrannie de l'auteur (1993), Roman et censure ou la mauvaise foi d’Eros (1996), Nabokov ou la cruauté du désir (2004), Nabokov ou la tentation française (2012).

Down the Line with a Smile Shadowing Nabokov can be ordered through L’Harmattan or on Amazon.