Vladimir Nabokov

Nabokov Studies 18

By stephen_blackwell, 20 July, 2023

Nabokov Studies Volume 18 went “live” yesterday on the Project MUSE website, with  the following table of contents:



Volume 18 2022-23



From the Editor                                                              v


Contributors                                                                   vii


Abstracts                                                                       ix




Zoran Kuzmanovich

In Memoriam Gennady Barabtarlo (1949-2019)                                     1


Dana Dragunoiu

Hazel’s Russian Sisterhood                                                                  7


Olga Voronina

“A Bit of Haze is Quite Indispensable Here”: Creative Compromises

and Narrative Clues in Nabokov’s Letters to American Editors        29


Sabine Metzger

Eary Doubles: Tympanic Mechanisms and Cochlear Structures in Nabokov’s ADA                                                                                                            53


Ludmila Shleyfer Lavine

Ruslan and LOLITA: Nabokov’s Pursuit of Pushkin’s Monsters, Maidens, and Morals                                                                                           67


Robyn Jensen

“Had I been a painter”: LOLITA and the Perversity of Interart Relations 91


Zihao Liu

A Phenomenological Interpretation of “Veen’s Time”              107




Juan Wu

The Othering Biological Poetics: Evolution, Speciation and Lepidoptery in

Nabokov’s THE GIFT and “Father’s Butterflies”                                     129



Dana Dragunoiu. Vladimir Nabokov and the Art of Moral Acts.

Reviewed by Erik Eklund.                                                                   149


Those whose libraries subscribe to Project MUSE can find the articles here:



Those in countries and institutions where Project MUSE is unavailable should contact Zoran Kuzmanovich zokuzmanovich@davidson.edu AND Nabokov.Studies@gmail.com.