Vladimir Nabokov

IVNS Prizes for 2023 Announced

By stephen_blackwell, 8 November, 2023

Congratulations to the new winners of the IVNS prizes! This year's winners are: Gennady Barabtarlo Prize for Best Scholarly Essay: Erik Eklund, “’The Name of God has Priority’: ‘God’ and the Apophatic Element in Vladimir Nabokov’s Pale Fire”; Dieter E. Zimmer Prize for Graduate-level Work:  Sydney Stotter, “'Objects in the Photograph May Be Closer Than They Appear': The Photorealistic and Photo-fantastic in Vladimir Nabokov’s The Gift and Invitation to a Beheading”; Ellen Pifer Prize for Best Undergraduate Essay: The prize is shared equally by two winners: Song Yuhong, “The Language and Sight in Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading," and Erika Massimo, “The Three Minus One System: A Comparison Between Anna Karenina and Ada." To read the judges' comments, go to the Prizes page! Many thanks to the judges for their review of a large number of fine submissions.