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Re: SIGHTING: VN's immigration documents and Pitzer's Secret
Dear list,

The Brain Pickings link that Jay Livingston sent through in relation to my
book pulled many images of VN's immigration paper trail from the book's
website. Those who would like to see the documents in their entirety can
visit the site's Records section (
http://www.nabokovsecrethistory.com/records.html), where I have posted the
full immigration files of Vladimir, Véra, and Nicholas Nabokov.

I have also posted each of the rather anemic four pages representing the
only FBI materials divulged to date on Vladimir and Véra, which will be
added to the Records section soon, but for now are up in this post (
http://bit.ly/11B0xaY). Likewise waiting for their own Records file are
Nabokov's passenger records from the *S.S. Champlain*, which can be
reviewed in this post (http://bit.ly/Z48Qdb).

In the future, I will post other files as time permits--mostly declassified
FBI or CIA files. It is my hope this material will be useful to other VN
scholars and researchers.

Best wishes,

Andrea Pitzer

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