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Letters from Terra & Karamzin
The heroine of Van's first novel Letters from Terra is Theresa, a girl from Terra (Antiterra's twin planet).

In his "Letters of a Russian Traveller" (1790-99) Karamzin mentions Teresa and Faldoni, the passionate young lovers who committed suicide in Lyon.

Tereza and Faldoni are also characters in Dostoevski's epistolary novel Bednye lyudi (Poor Folk, 1846). "Tereza" is an old servant woman (who is actually Finnish and whose real name is not mentioned) who brings Makar Devushkin's letters to Varen'ka Dobrosyolov and Varen'ka's letters to Makar.

The letter L was called lyudi in the old Russian alphabet. L is Lenin's initial. Like Karamzin, Lenin was born in Simbirsk (renamed Ul'yanovsk after Lenin's death).

Alexey Sklyarenko

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