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Re: Vladimir Nabokov, father of Gonzo .
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Saturday, 1 June 2013 Vladimir Nabokov, father of Gonzo.
[ ] Chapter four of The Gift (the novel came out in English in 1963) and Nikolai Gogol (published by avant-garde house New Directions in San Francisco in 1959, the year he finally left teaching) - works that neatly bracket Nabokov's flight from Europe[ ] did something new: transforming the personal feelings and elements of the understanding of the writer into a filter that sits like a screen in front of the historical subject being studied. By injecting the author into the narrative in this way, Nabokov achieved effects that would somewhat later become celebrated with the emergence of the New Journalism in America in the boom years following the war, and in the aggrieved brilliance of the journalism of Hunter Thompson, which appeared around the same time. These approaches embodied an aesthetic protest against stale instruments in the public sphere, and were very much a product of the postmodern age, replete with pastiche and play. That Nabokov had predicted the appearance of this approach a generation earlier is a testament to his extraordinary originality." Posted by Matthew da Silva

Jansy Mello: Father of Gonzo, how neat. With twin babies (well-trimmed Shade and hectic Kinbote, the true Gonzo)?. - but I doubt it:
An "aesthetic protest against stale intruments...", VN?

btw: while leafing through the edition of Nabokov letters, I found a get-well telegram he sent to President Lyndon Johnson in October 1965. Rather puzzling, although Brian Boyd (AY, 503) explained the overall circumstances.

Returning to the more recent VN-L exchanges: I've been considering the fate of two names: Vanessa and Lolita. The coinage of "Vanessa" has been consistently attributed to J. Swift and became a success all over the world. "Lolita", however, wasn't coined by Nabokov although he undoubtedly altered its associative trains (for example, no "Lolita couches" and lots of Lolita "Gothic" fashion in Japan - but not inspired by Ada's usually black and white "lolitas" ). Also lepideroptologists sometimes face a difficult task when in search of a "fond name." and, as with the wide range of rock-band names, there's a misnamed Phanes butterfly in display, too. Cf. Phanis Godman, 1900/Phanes Godman, 1901 Return to list Search again

Phanes Godman, 1901 , in Godman & Salvin. Biol. centr.-amer. Insecta. Lepidoptera Rhopalocera 2 : 741.

Objective Replacement Name
Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Thracides aletes Geyer , 1832 , in Hübner Zutr. Samml. exot. Schmett. : 31, pl. [126], figs. 731-732. .

Type-species designation:
by subsequent designation by, Int. Commn zool. Nom. , 1967 Bull. zool. Nom. Opinion 83024 (5) : 280.

Type specimens:
, country unrecorded: .

Hemming (1967) stated:-

The name Phanes was introduced by Godman to replace the name Phanis published by himself in the previous year (1900), that name being invalid under the Law of Homonymy.

The name Phanes, as a replacement name, automatically takes as its type-species the species which at the introduction of this name was the type-species of Phanis, the name replaced. That type-species was a misidentified nominal species. In order to rectify this mistake and to promote nomenclatorial stability, the Commission was asked to designate as the type-species of both these genera the species described by Godman in place of the nominal species actually cited by that author.

What happened in this case was this. Godman, when establishing the genus Phanis, gave a detailed diagnosis. This was based on the characters exhibited by what may here be termed Species "X". He designated as the type-species what he called Hesperia justinianus Latreille, [1824]. At the same time he cited as a junior synonym of that name the name Thracides aletes Geyer (in Hübner), which he attributed to Hübner. On the following page he described this "species" again calling it by the name justinianus and again citing the name aletes as a synonym. In addition, Godman gave four figures of what he called "justinianus" on his plate 99 : figs 24, 25 (male - upperside & underside), fig. 26 (neuration), fig. 27 (male - genitalia). Both Godman's description of "justinianus" and the figures on plate 99 refer to what has been termed Species "X" above. The detailed information provided by Godman, the extensive material in the British Museum and Latreille's type of Hesperia justinianus (a male with a female body gummed on) now also in the British Museum make it clear (as has been demonstrated by Evans, 1955 (Cat. amer. Hesp. Brit. Mus. 4 : 118, 119, 194, 196)) that the two taxa here in question are very distinct from one another and that all Godman's observations and figures relating to what he called Phanis justinianus (Latreille) refer exclusively to Thracides aletes Geyer. Accordingly, when Godman designated as the type of his genus Phanis, the nominal species Hesperia justinanus, what in fact he was trying to do was so to designate the species which he had misidentified as Hesperia justinianus, namely Thracides aletes Geyer.

As a stop-gap measure to avoid confusion and unnecessary name-changing Evans (1955, loc. cit. 4 : 118) adopted Thracides aletes Geyer as the type-species of Phanes Godman, at the same time (: 90, 194) erecting the new genus Justinia for Hesperia justinianus Latreille. Since then an application has been submitted to the Commission asking for the settlement of this case on the lines set out above. (See Hemming, 1965, Bull. zool. Nom. 22 : 78).

Cowan (1968) made the following comment for this and other genera

Opinions published in September and December 1967 in Bull. zool. Nomencl. 24, parts (4) and (5) CONFIRMED the forecasts given in the List [Hemming, 1967] for the following genera;

Adopaeoides Godman; Op. 825
Arisbe Hübner; Op. 823
Artines Godman; Op. 826
Gegenes Hübner; Op. 827
Halpe Moore; Op. 828
Iaspis Kaye; Op. 821
Napaea Hübner; Op. 820
Papias Godman; Op. 829
Phanes Godman; Op. 830
Phrissura Butler; Op. 824
Telicota Moore; Op. 831
Ypthima Hübner; Op. 819
Zenis Godman; Op. 832

Thracides aletes Geyer, 1832 was designated as the type-species for Phanes Godman, [1901], using the plenary powers of the Commission. Thracides aletes was placed on the Official List of Specific Names in Zoology and Phanes on the List of Generic Names in Zoology, (Opinion 830), The Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature, 24 : 280.

See also electronic Biologia centrali americana. Insecta. Lepidoptera-Rhopaloceravolume 2

Junior name(s):
Phanis Godman, 1900: 548.


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