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tidbits related to ADA, Prooust and Lolita...

Jay Livingston: About.com (here) has an essay by Esther Lombardi on this with much the same material as the mayumablogforbookworms that Jansy cites. The about.com entry has no date, but it looks as though one of these authors plagiarized from the other.

Jansy Mello: Thank you sending the link to David Wiley's text "In the Shadow of Young Girls in Bloom: Proust, Nabokov, & the Tyranny of Memory." (I didn't find the name Esther Lombardi) My impression is that Wiley's is the original article since its quality is superior to Mayuma's flighty fleuve of associations which could have relied on his observations about Proust rather heavily (it's impossible to be sure, though. I hope first impressions aren't simply another form of gossip!).

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