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Re: ANNC: Symposium on Carl Proffer at U of Michigan Sept. 20-21

Carl's marvelous "Keys to Lolita" was published in 1968, but Page Stegner's "rather pallid" (Brian Boyd, VNAY p. 522) book "Escape into Aesthetics: The Art of Vladimir Nabokov" came out in 1966. I found a lot to take issue with in Stegner's book, starting with the title, but one has to admire his courage in offering the first monograph on Nabokov. I recall Professor Setchkarev's remark, ca. 1961 or 1962, when the possibility of writing on VN was mentioned: "On napishet takuiu antikritiku, chto Bozhe moi! (He would write, my God, what a critical riposte!) As far as I know, VN never offered an "antikritiku" to Stegner's book .

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D. Barton Johnson sends this link to the symposium in honor of Carl Proffer :


Don adds:

Carl was the first to publish a book about VN’s work. Ardis Press (which he and Ellendea launched) republished all of VN’s novels and much of the early scholarship.


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