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Re: THOUGHTS: Pnin, St. Bart, Baring-Gould
Dear Matt,

Your post prompted me to go looking for a copy of Sabine Baring-Gould's book on werewolves. Imagine my surprise when the first edition offered on abebooks.com was published in 1975 whenPnin himself would have been nearly twenty (the book, I mean). So I googled Sabine B-G and to my surprise found she wasn't the young lady anthropologist I expected to see but this gentleman: Sabine Baring-Gould

A portrait of the author.
Born28 January 1834
Exeter, England
Died2 January 1924 (aged 89)
Lew Trenchard, Devon, England
OccupationAnglican priest, landowner
Spouse(s)Grace Taylor
Relative(s)Edward Baring-Gould


Actually I shouldn't have been surprised - years ago I bought a copy of his book on surnames and now that I think of it, it was quite an old book. Still I really did think Sabine was a woman! Which reminds me that the author of a marvelous book on the Cinderella tale (which came up on this List in relation to incest) who was a woman - oh what was her name? - anyway, I think it was you brought up the book, in which case I wish to thank you, because I acquired a copy of the book earlier this year and it is a wonderful addition to the library. 


p.s. Did you notice? 15 children! Oh, and the true first edition of The Book of Were-Wolves appeared in 1865.

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