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Re: Apropos of Dolores
Thank you, now I see the photo you mean.

Only rarely have I seen Vivian Maier photos with direct gaze and eye
contact. Most photos I've seen by her of people are from behind in fact.
Her photos from behind or unobserved effect a particular emotional

In that sense (direct gaze, eye contact), this photo and the photo of VN in
car share category.

This *is *a dreamy girl, perhaps mesmerized.

She looks a lot more friendly than VN in his car photo, and relaxed, lacks
his tension, contraction, apprehension.

Are you saying through his eyes a nymphet? and through Vivian Maier's eyes?

This girl isn't portrayed the way VN & his interpreters portray his
nymphets. One has to do something somehow to make this Vivian Maier girl a


Barrie Karp

On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 2:57 PM, NABOKV-L, English

> I am pasting in again below Vivien Maier's photograph of the young girl in
> the car that Barrie Karp does not seem to have gotten in the previous
> email. Mary Efremov commented: "Possibly a nymphet?"
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