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Re: John Shade,
the poet in Vladimir Nabokov's perhaps greatest novel,
Pale Fire ...
Welcome Steve and congs to SES for firmly keeping at the helm (no syren chants nor Somnus's drops of Lethe on her eyes!)

NabLer, that's a new word for me, lovely!.[SB:" Greetings, NabLers: I might as well confess that I have these past 10 days quietly resumed my duties at the helm, while SES takes a well-earned break from our weighty responsibility to you."}

Great fun to see Chapman's face at last, with more details related to Shade/Kinbote's wordplay. So there was a score and VN got it slightly wrong but he might have come across the cutting and kept it in his "Pale Fire" shoe-box of treasures he once allowed one interviewer to explore and who mentioned (in SO, I think) various curiosities ( "Torso beats chair," or something like that).
In this realm, related to a former posting of Carolyn to Matt Roth, I have a little story that somehow relates to the werewolf theme under discussion (this is the only Nabokovian link to justify its inclusion) : While I was in Rome, a guide explained (rather brashly, I think) that the famous she-wolf who nursed Romulus and Remo was not a real wolf. The word for the red light zones (less chic than Eric Veen's Villa Venus)in Latin is "lupanarium" and "lupus" being the word for a wolf, the prostitutes were seen as "she-wolves" so that, probably, the foundling twins were nourished by a prostitute, then poetically or prudishly represented as a wolf.
I pass the information on for what's worth but I doubt its veracity. The two heroes, at least under a structural analysis of myths, followed the traditional routine of being abandoned at birth by their real parents, transported over water in a basket, adopted by royalty aso. I prefer to adhere to the real she-wolf vision.

Jansy Mello

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