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Re: [QUERY]: Pale Fire Index in e-books
Just an aside: the omission of John Ray Jr.'s foreword has a precedent in
Collins Collector's Choice edition of 5 novels by VN. This 1979 edition
contains Lolita, King Queen Knave, The Gift, Invitation to a Beheading and
Glory, and an introduction by Peter Quennell -instead of Ray Jr.'s foreword.

A. Bouazza

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[QUERY]: Pale Fire Index in e-books


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Simon Rowberry <mailto:s.p.rowberry@WINCHESTER.AC.UK>



Dear Nabokovians,
I'm currently in the middle of investigating the digital transmission
history of PF and have discovered that the UK Penguin Kindle and iBooks
editions of the text do not feature the Index, yet another example of an
erroneous decision to remove part of the fiction in Nabokov's works (c.f.
the replacement of John Ray Jr.'s foreword with one from Martin Amis). This
is most likely based on the 2011 Penguin 9th printing by the text. I don't
have a copy of that printing, does it also contain the error? Could anyone
who has an e-book version of PF aside from the the UK iBook and UK Kindle
versions let me know if their copy contains the index with the name of the
publisher and the device/app the e-book can be read with at

Many thanks,

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