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Ada-plus-Mortus anagram
Ada + Mortus = Adam + ortus = morda + usta = dama + rot + us = drama + oust

Ada - Ada Bredow (Vadim's first cousin in LATH); Ada Veen (the heroine of Ada)
Mortus - Christopher Mortus, a character in The Gift (Fyodor's Zoilus)
Adam - the name of the first man; cf. Adam Atropovich, a critic in LATH
ortus - Lat., sunrise; beginning; birth
morda - snout, muzzle; mug
usta - lips; cf. Usta k ustam (Lips to Lips, a story by VN making fun of the editors of Numbers; Prime Numbers is a literary magazine mentioned in LATH)
dama - lady
rot - mouth; Germ., red
us - whisker; moustache hair

Alexey Sklyarenko

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