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Fwd: Duplicate page numbers in Pale Fire?
Hello all,

Just finished reading Pale Fire for the first time, and I noticed in
my version of the book ("First Vintage International Edition April
1989") that two pages have page numbers that are duplicated. That is, on
pages 281 and 282, the page numbers are printed both on the bottom of
the page (as every other page has them), but also on the top of the page
in brackets. The content of these pages involve Gradus glimpsing Kinbote
in the library after he had arrived in New Wye. I had done some
searching on Google and this list trying to find any mention of this
strange fact, but hadn't run into any luck. It seems too suspicious to
be a mere coincidence, but I am trying to unravel the deeper clue. Had
anyone else noticed this? Does the duplicate page numbers appear in your
version as well?

Cheers! -George

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