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Re: "Lolita is Famous, Not I," visualized
Juan Martinez "I thought the forum might enjoy this: Nabokov's claim that Lolita was famous, not him, visualized in two Google Ngram Viewer charts, which measure short phrases and words in a corpus of books over a set historical period: http://www.fulmerford.com/2013/08/lolita-is-famous-not-i-visualized.html"

Jansy Mello: I understand that Juan Martinez has a very special blog [ http://www.fulmerford.com] from which the name "Fulmerford" stands out. * This time he brings up another quote and another pairing about fame, namely, Nabokov and Lolita. By coincidence, I'd just pointed out that both "Lolita" (in ADA, for exsmplr, it becomes part of a young girl's wardrobe) and "nymphet" are now signifiers on the loose, that is, these two words no longer pertain to the realm of Nabokoviana and suffer the destiny of all signifiers: their meaning is not attached to one single original referent. Nymphets may be aged 18 or 30, Lolita may indicate a gothic fashion in Japan, or a young prostitute, aso
I have no idea how a Google Ngram Viewer chart functions.I understand that the entries relate to the world of books, not to trends, popular songs nor world events. Nabokov's quips are quips are quips?

* - ...asked about what he wanted to accomplish or leave behind in the future,. Nabokov answered:
"Well, in this matter of accomplishment, of course, I don't have a 35-year plan or program, but I have a fair inkling of my literary afterlife. I have sensed certain hints...With the Devil's connivance, I open a newspaper of 2063 and in some article on the books page I find: "Nobody reads Nabokov or Fulmerford today." Awful question: Who is this unfortunate Fulmerford?" (Nabokov's 1964 Playboy interview)

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