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[SIGHTING] Enkrypted words and transparencies

In a former posting about Mephisto, Satan and Demon I mentioned Rebecca Haubrich's paper where a reference was made to LATH'S "Diablonnet." [http://www.academia.edu/3761865/Kryptische_Ver-ruckungen._Zu_Metonymie_und_Metapher_als_linguistische_Symptome_in_Nabokovs_Transparent_Things ]

It is written in German and it was difficult for me to read it with reasonable comprehension of Rebeca Aubrich's developments about Hugh Person and R's words and her use of specific psychoanalytic theories related to the moments in which, in TT, "the past shines through."
This is why I hesitated about directly presenting the internet links to it. However, inspite of my inexperience with this kind of research of "intertextuality" (and the author's particular employ of this term), I now feel that I can recommend it to the List. It offers insightful information about Nabokov's choice of words (the novel's title, TT or R's and Person's names, Hugh's impulse to revisit the past in Switzerland, his unpublished "Tralatitions", spectral and oneiric emergences, Death and "verbal madness" viewed from a well-positioned psychoanalytical perspective, aso).

Jansy Mello

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