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George-Nabokov-L: "I noticed in my version of the book ("First Vintage International Edition April 1989") that two pages have page numbers that are duplicated. That is, on pages 281 and 282, the page numbers are printed both on the bottom of the page (as every other page has them), but also on the top of the page in brackets. The content of these pages involve Gradus glimpsing Kinbote in the library after he had arrived in New Wye. Had anyone else noticed this? Does the duplicate page numbers appear in your version as well?."

Jansy Mello: I don't have yo0ur version with pages 281 and 282 in duplicate. I checked in the collected works by the Library of America (ed.Brian Boyd) and, if the paragraphs and pages you indicate are those found in Kinbote's commentaries to line 949 ("and all the time") there are no duplications to be found on its page 643. In Everyman's Library (1992), no duplication on page 281.
I also checked various translations (to Brazilian Portuguese (Jorio Dauster and Sergio Duarte), Portugal's Portuguese (Telma Costa), French (Raymond Girard and E-M Coindreau) and German(Dieter E. Zimmer) and no translator echoed the duplicate pages. It's an interesting observation concerning books inside books (?), but it must be a real editorial slippage ( not a fictional one).

Simon Rowbery:"I am looking for examples of Nabokov's works being collected in anthologies or compiled into Nabokov readers and would be grateful for any further examples. From memory, I don't believe Michael Juliar's descriptive bibliography has a section for these. N.B. I am excluding the short stories and poetry collections from this and am most interested in works that are publisher driven."

Jansy Mello: This practice may be rather common in foreign editions. There are Nabokov's Russian Lectures (Chekhov) prefacing a Portuguese collection of the works of Chekhov, or his essays on "Good Writers, good readers", "On Translation" in various Brazilian anthologies or magazines. A few years ago I mentioned a Brazilian collection of stories about duels carryiing VN's "A Matter of Honor".*.

Beside Page Stegner's (Portable Nabokov), the only other American anthology I remember is one by Joyce Carol Oates (it begins with Nabokov's first chapter from Speak,Memory)*
* - https://listserv.ucsb.edu/lsv-cgi-bin/wa?A3=ind0801&L=NABOKV-L&E=quoted-printable&P=437574&B=------%3D_NextPart_000_003C_01C85C36.88233FE0&T Mestre de Armas": Six Dueling Stories by Claudio Figueiredo.
The six selected short-stories were: The Duel, by Joseph Conrad; The Witness, by Arthur Schnitzler; A Coward, by Guy de Maupassant ; The Duel, by Heinrich von Kleist; the Duelist by Ivan Turgueniev and A Matter of Honor, by V. Nabokov.

**-Here is a link: "In The Best American Essays of the Century, Joyce Carol Oates and Robert Atwan have put together a diverse collection of essays from such writers as Mark Twain, Edmund Wilson, Langston Hughes, Robert Frost, Susan Sontag, Mary McCarthy, N. Scott Momaday, John McPhee, Tom Wolfe, Vladimir Nabokov, and Saul Bellow. And they have named it "The Best." Not the best of the year. Nor of the decade. But of the century. Now that's reaching."http://www.ralphmag.org/BB/oates1.html.

I checked after other anthologies and I noticed that J.C.Oates's two other anthologies of North American short-stories didn't indicate Nabokov's name (I didn't get my hands on the physical books, just some internet references about them). Here is the list:
a.. The Oxford Book of American Short Stories, 2nd Ed. / 2012
b.. New Jersey Noir / 2011
c.. Shirley Jackson: Novels and Stories / 2010
d.. The Ecco Anthology of Contemporary American Short Fiction / 2008
e.. Best American Mystery Stories 2005 / 2005
f.. Best New American Voices 2003 / 2003
g.. Snapshots: 20th Century Mother-Daughter Fiction / 2000
h.. The Best American Essays of the Century / 2000
i.. The Norton Anthology of Contemporary Fiction / 1998
j.. Telling Stories: An Anthology for Writers / 1998
k.. Tales of H.P. Lovecraft / 1998
l.. American Gothic Tales / 1996
m.. The Essential Dickinson / 1996
n.. The Sophisticated Cat / 1992
o.. The Oxford Book of American Short Stories / 1992
p.. The Best American Essays 1991 / 1991
q.. Reading the Fights / 1988
r.. First Person Singular: Writers On Their Craft / 1983
s.. Night Walks: A Bedside Companion / 1982
t.. The Best American Short Stories 1979 / 1979
u.. Scenes from American Life: Contemporary Short Fiction / 1973


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