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Re: [Query] Nabokov in anthologies/readers
There are not many compilations of Nabokov's works in English. But there are many (maybe a couple hundred) in Russian, most unauthorized. Though I didn't create a separate section for them in the 1986 bibliography, they were included in the A items. Now, however, separate sections for them are part of my revised and updated edition plan. They will be added to the draft pages you can see on my blog, Nabokov in Print, at vnbiblio.com, after I complete the A items (I'm just finishing them up now with the final entry for all the Lolitas) and the D items (translations). The compilations will be known as L items. Compilations in translation by others will be known as M items.

A few more examples of L items in English that Rowberry missed:

Vintage Nabokov
The three volumes from the Library of America
Plays: Lolita: A Screenplay, The Tragedy of Mister Morn
A Guide to Berlin and Other Stories (published in Japan)
Time and Ebb (published in France)

I wouldn't include the various Playboy short story collections since they are anthology's of many authors with only one work by Nabokov each time. If someone wanted to track down the inclusions of individual Nabokov's works in all such anthologies, he could construct a pile higher than the Admiralty Spire.

And while talking about publisher-driven books, one could make a case for the extractions from Penguin: We Came to Know... (Lolita); Now Remember (Speak, Memory); Terra Incognita (The Collected Stories); Cloud, Castle, Lake (The Collected Stories); and other variations.

Michael Juliar

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> Dear Nabokovians,
> I am looking for examples of Nabokov's works being collected in anthologies or compiled into Nabokov readers and would be grateful for any further examples. From memory, I don't believe Michael Juliar's descriptive bibliography has a section for these. N.B. I am excluding the short stories and poetry collections from this and am most interested in works that are publisher driven.
> Currently I know about:
> Nabokov's Congeries/Portable Nabokov
> Collin's Nabokov Collection
> Playboy Short Stories
> Nabokov's Novellas (Penguin): The Eye, The Enchanter & TOoL
> Many thanks,
> Simon Rowberry
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